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A Seller's Prayer

If your of the Christian faith you will appreciate this prayer that relates to real estate in author Germaine Copeland's book called Prayers that Avail Much published by Harrison House. I've found these principles applicable, whether you are the Seller or Buyer! 

Selling Real Estate

Father, I thank You for the skillful and godly wisdom needed  in offering my house (or other real estate) to be sold. I am preparing my house (property) in excellence that it may be beautiful and desirable, as though I am preparing it for Your habitation. I am asking a fair and competitive market price and will not take advantage of a potential buyer.

Father, I ask that You prepare and send a ready, willing and able buyer to purchase my house (property)-a person who has the funds available to pay the fair market value, pre-qualified and approved by a lending institution: one who has perfect timing of possession and fits into my need and his/hers.

Thank you for going before me and preparing the way. In the name of Jesus, I seek and pursue peace, thanking You that the spirit of truth shall prevail in our deliberations. I declare and decree that everyone involved speaks truly, deals truly, and lives truly.

Should there be anything that is hidden I ask that it be revealed and brought into the light. Truth and mercy are written upon the tablets of my hearts, and I have favor, good understanding, and high esteem in Your sight and in the sight of the potential buyer.

In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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